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Just like our colour palette, the options for patterned tweed are inspired by the breath-taking natural landscape of The Outer Hebrides. Patterns found within the natural flora, water and stone; from the seashells to delicate lichen, or recalling the topography of the rocky island landscape we know so well.

Harris Tweed Hebrides offers more than 600 patterns within its collection, developed and honed over generations of hand-crafting tweed. From block colours and plain twills to traditional herringbones and complex plaids and tartans – incorporating as many or as few colours as our clients desire.

150 Blended Yarn Colours

At Harris Tweed Hebrides, we offer such an extensive range of colours of yarn to select from, that even subtle differences in the proportions of the colours used to create your bespoke tweed will make a difference to the finished fabric. We can use up to nine different blended yarns to create the tweed of your dreams. 

Intricate, interwoven, infinite possibilities.

Discover a range of colours and patterns like no other. Our library of dyes and weaves is ever-growing, making the number of possible variations virtually limitless. From classic, neutral tweeds that form a timeless foundation for wardrobes or homes, to showcasing designs from across our vast textile archive, reimagined and recoloured for modern sensibilities. With more than 600 patterns and 150 yarn colours, the infinite possibilities and permutations are yours to explore.

From Traditional to Bold

Harris Tweed is never just Harris Tweed. Look closer and you will see an endless variety of patterns – from plain twills to traditional herringbones, bold plaids and tartans or more unconventional contemporary designs. At Harris Tweed Hebrides we have an extensive pattern range and bespoke design service. Which one will you choose?


World-class, 100% British heritage cloth. Still handwoven today using generations-old indigenous crafts passed down through our Hebridean islander community, since 1840.


Contemporary design meets couture quality in our premium 100% Pure New Wool artisanal Harris Tweed cloth, handwoven for the world’s leading fashion and interiors houses.

Low Impact 

A unique, single-origin supply chain, certified and independently authenticated to exceed modern standards of sustainability and offer unparalleled peace of mind.

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For larger orders, our highly skilled consultants will carefully walk you through each stage of the process from initial consultation to in-house sampling and the final production of your British luxury cloth.


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