Harris Tweed® has a unique history and provenance. It is the only fabric in the world protected by an Act of Parliament (the Harris Tweed Act 1993). By law it must be produced in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland using 100% pure new wool. It is always handwoven in the weaver’s home – Harris Tweed Hebrides work with approximately 120 weavers throughout the Isle of Lewis and Harris.

The famous Orb is the final mark of authentication – only applied once the Harris Tweed Authority have inspected each metre of fabric.

Every metre of Harris Tweed® fabric is independently inspected and authenticated by the Harris Tweed Authority. You will find a beeswax Orb stamp at the start and the end of your roll of Harris Tweed®. A Harris Tweed® Certification Mark (Orb) woven label found on or inside a product is the perfect identifier of genuine Harris Tweed®.

When you purchase Harris Tweed® from Harris Tweed Hebrides you will be provided with an allocation of Certification Mark (Orb) woven labels, the number allocated is based on the volume of fabric purchased.

Please refer to the Harris Tweed Authority’s ‘Label Policy and Brand Use Rules’ for guidance about how to use the Certification Mark correctly.

At our discretion, we may sell an additional allocation of woven labels.

The Harris Tweed® Orb is a registered Certification Mark. The Orb Certification Mark is owned by the Harris Tweed Authority, the statutory authority created by the Harris Tweed Act of Parliament 1993. 

The protection of the Orb Certification Mark is the responsibility of the Harris Tweed Authority and infringement of this intellectual property may result in legal action.

Harris Tweed Orb artwork is available when used in accordance with the Harris Tweed Authority’s Brand Use Rules.

The Harris Tweed Authority are the guardians of the Orb, tasked with protecting the reputation and historic provenance of the Harris Tweed industry. Only fabric produced under the strict conditions of the Harris Tweed Act 1993 can be authenticated with the famous Orb Certification Mark and guaranteed to be genuine Harris Tweed.

We use traditional manufacturing methods to make our unique cloth. We begin by fibre-dyeing the finest Cheviot wool, all sourced from the UK which supports British farmers and crofters.

Our spectrum of solid colours is created by dyeing at the wool stage, this creates an unrivalled depth of colour. Harris Tweed Hebrides’ range of blended, mélange yarn shades can contain up to 8 individual solid wool colours. The blended wool is carded and spun before warps of yarn are transported to homes across the island of Lewis and Harris. 

Harris Tweed® is always handwoven in the weaver’s home. The fabric is then collected and taken back to the mill for finishing. Finally, the finished fabric is independently inspected by the Harris Tweed Authority who stamp the famous Orb certification mark directly onto each length of tweed.  

Since time immemorial tweed has been woven on these islands. Tweed from weavers in Harris was the first to be commercially available outside of the Hebrides, as demand increased the neighbouring islands began to contribute to production as they produced the same high quality fabric. Harris Tweed is still only permitted to be made on the islands of the Outer Hebrides.

One of the wonderful qualities of wool is that it is very easy to care for. Harris Tweed will only require a professional dry clean occasionally. We do not recommend machine washing, however small stains may be removed by spot cleaning using a stain remover. 

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