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Our Craft

Our Time-Honoured Craft

Combining ancestral traditions with contemporary creations, Harris Tweed Hebrides has revived and preserved the indigenous crafts of the communities of Lewis and Harris. Every individual wool fibre is dyed and spun in our Shawbost Mill in the Outer Hebrides. Every yard of Harris Tweed Hebrides cloth is handwoven in the croft home of a Harris Tweed weaver on foot-powered treadle looms, using historic artisanal craft skills that have remained unchanged for over 100 years. The secrets of these precious skills are passed through generations of the island’s community with pride. 


World-class, 100% British heritage cloth. Still handwoven today using generations-old indigenous crafts passed down through our Hebridean islander community, since 1840.


Contemporary design meets couture quality in our premium 100% Pure New Wool artisanal Harris Tweed cloth, handwoven for the world’s leading fashion and interiors houses.

Low Impact 

A unique, single country of origin supply chain, certified and independently authenticated to exceed modern standards of sustainability and offer unparalleled peace of mind.

Shawbost Mill

Every individual wool fibre is dyed and spun in our Shawbost Mill in the Outer Hebrides. Our island weavers create intricate textured tweeds and undulating patterns recalling the topography of the rocky island landscape they know so well. Every natural and artisanal detail of our cloth encapsulates our island and showcases an affinity with nature; each piece imbued with the fresh air attitude and slow pace of life which characterises this close-knit enclave. There is nowhere else in the world that can make fabrics so beautiful. But perhaps we have an unfair advantage.

Our Skilled Weavers

Working in tandem with the in-house craftspeople at the mill are 173 registered independent hand weavers, living across the islands of Lewis and Harris, whose skills were passed down to them through generations of weavers.

It is a meticulous task to first hand-tie the warp threads for each new piece of tweed they weave. The weavers control each individual warp and weft thread, with skill and care, creating distinctive patterns as the material takes shape.

Our Colours

Our Colours

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For larger orders, our highly skilled consultants will carefully walk you through each stage of the process from initial consultation to in-house sampling and the final production of your British luxury cloth.

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