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World Class Leaders in British Luxury

Today, Harris Tweed Hebrides stands as a world class leader in British luxury cloth, protecting and supporting key parts of the British textile industry of which we are a part. We are proud to have revitalised the 100-year-old Shawbost Mill where our yarn is spun and our cloth is finished. Our mission is to create a sustainable, long-term business that supports the communities of the Outer Hebrides for generations to come.

We also continue to uphold and deliver our own high standards of quality; providing luxury products and elevated service for our customers.


World-class, 100% British heritage cloth. Still handwoven today using generations-old indigenous crafts passed down through our Hebridean islander community, since 1840.


Contemporary design meets couture quality in our premium 100% Pure New Wool artisanal Harris Tweed cloth, handwoven for the world’s leading fashion and interiors houses.

Low Impact 

A unique, single country of origin supply chain, certified and independently authenticated to exceed modern standards of sustainability and offer unparalleled peace of mind.

Our Colours

Our Colours

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For over 15 years, we have been the foremost producer of Harris Tweed, creating our beautiful natural 100% Pure New Wool fabrics for the world’s leading design houses. 

Bespoke Design

Harris Tweed Hebrides provides a bespoke design service, offering a highly personalised experience. Our bespoke cloth service allows for hyper personalisation, empowering our clients to create a unique product aligned to their personal or brand DNA.

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