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Harris Tweed Hebrides


World-class, 100% British heritage cloth. Still handwoven today using generations-old indigenous crafts passed down through our Hebridean islander community, since 1840.


Contemporary design meets couture quality in our premium 100% Pure New Wool artisanal Harris Tweed cloth, handwoven for the world’s leading fashion and interiors houses.

Low Impact

A unique, single country of origin supply chain, certified and independently authenticated to exceed modern standards of sustainability and offer unparalleled peace of mind.

British Heritage Cloth with Modern Luxury Standards

For centuries, Harris Tweed has been a vital thread in the history of the Outer Hebrides, connecting us to a rich and powerful story at the heart of this island community and its cultural heritage. Thoughtful. Time-honoured. Timeless. In an age when sustainability is gaining the recognition it demands, the unchanging characteristics of Harris Tweed are more valuable than ever; and appealing to a new generation of modern, slow-luxury pioneers. 

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Lovingly Hand Woven, at Home

Woven by hand, on a traditional treadle loom. Each length of Harris Tweed is lovingly created in the homes of indigenous Hebridean islanders, using generational artisanal skills, originating in 1840.

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The Harris Tweed Authority

Harris Tweed is the only cloth in the world governed by its own Act of Parliament. Independently authenticated by the Harris Tweed Authority’s trademark orb, offering unprecedented peace of mind. 

World-class, 100% British heritage cloth

Is a tweed jacket the ultimate sartorial statement of Britishness? Tweed is as close to British national dress as you might get – just ask our royal family. Arising from a land of chilly winds, driving rain and disagreeable temperatures means tweed is designed to withstand all that is thrown at it, while still looking good.

Super-robust, and surprisingly lightweight, the cloth is the very embodiment of that British stiff upper lip. King Edward VII discovered tweed on visits to Scottish country estates and brought it to Savile Row as the Prince of Wales check - popularising tweed in town as well as countryside. Suddenly tweed became an indispensable part of any stylish wardrobe, in Britain and beyond.

Today tweed maintains its very British air of aristocracy, recognised the world over as a sign of high quality and high sartorial standards.

Sustainable Rural Employment

Sustainable Rural Employment

Single-country Supply Chain

Ultra-local, Low Impact

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Luxury Is Changing; Join Us

Demand for natural fibres, transparent supply chains, and ethical production is growing as a new generation of consumers is seeking beautiful products designed to stand the test of time. They are the new luxury pioneers; we design for them - and for generations to come. 

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