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Sustainability Certifications

We are always striving to exceed modern sustainability standards; our growing list of independent certifications are a testament to that approach. 

1. Single Country of Origin 

Our low impact fabrics are created from 100% Pure New Wool from sheep farmed on the hillsides of the British Isles; spun and dyed in our 100-year-old mill on Shawbost in the Outer Hebrides; and then lovingly handwoven in the nearby homes of indigenous Hebridean islanders using generational artisanal skills originated in 1840. This uniquely localised supply chain places Harris Tweed Hebrides in an elite group of brands worldwide exclusively producing single-origin fabrics. 

Certified by: British Wool, Harris Tweed Authority.
Documentation available on request.

British Wool Harris Tweed Authority

2. Ethical Rural Employment

We work with 174 home weavers based throughout the Isle of Lewis and Harris, providing sustainable rural employment to many who live in the most remote communities on the islands. All our weavers are self-employed and working in their croft homes, which are visited and audited annually by the Harris Tweed Authority. We are indebted to our community; proud to be recognised as an investor in ethical rural employment. Our mission is to sustain a long-term business that supports the communities of the Outer Hebrides for generations to come.

Certified by: Harris Tweed Authority.
Documentation available on request.

Harris Tweed Authority

3. Animal Welfare 

We source all of our wool from British Wool so we can be confident about its provenance. British Wool guarantees no mulesing and adherence to the Animal Welfare Act 2006, based on The Five Freedoms for the care of animals, across our wool supply chain.

Certified by: British Wool.
Documentation available on request.

British Wool

4. Certified REACH compliant dyes 

Harris Tweed Hebrides will never bleach its wool and is committed to using 100% REACH compliant dyes.

Certified by: Town End PLC.
Documentation available on request.
Town End PLC

5. OEKO TEX 100 Certified Free of Harmful Chemicals 

100% of our fabrics are OEKO TEX 100 standard certified, confirming the absence of harmful chemicals, including dyes and finishes, in our cloth. 

Certified by: OEKO TEX®.
Documentation available on request.

Oeko Tex

Low Resource Footprint

At our Shawbost Mill we:
- Have on-site wastewater management to minimise our impact on our local infrastructure. 
- Our head office is 100% powered by renewable energy.
- Have effluent management in place.

Documentation available on request.

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