Ryder Cup Harris Tweed and a little bit of golfing history

King James II of Scotland banned gowf (golf) in 1457 - and football – in order that his archers could focus on other concerns. Musselburgh links was once thought to be the oldest course in Scotland but in 2014 The Guinness Book of Records finally recognised that golf had been played at St Andrews as far back as 1552, confirming that golf is indeed both very old and very Scottish.

Heritage is hugely important for Harris Tweed and as we reported last week The Clo Mor has widely been used as traditional performance sportswear and simultaneously brought a sense of fashion to the fairways through fashion fabrics. Golf was seen as an extension to hunting and shooting but one that could be done in and around the newly expanding cities of the industrial revolution.

Push on a few years and Harris Tweed Hebrides (HTH) proudly launches the official tweed of Ryder Cup 2014 at Gleneagles hotel in glorious Perthshire, Scotland. The 25 piece collection is launched via our design partners Walker Slater was designed by HTH’s eye-master Ken Kennedy who created a ‘new blue’ yarn somewhere between cobalt and aquamarine.

 Inspired by the deep blues of the Hebridean seascape the limited edition collection is set to become collector’s items. Look out for the hip-flask and cufflinks but if you really want to cause a stir in the clubhouse or indeed the high street then the plus fours with fitted jackets are something a bit special.

 Mark Twain famously stated, “Golf is a good walk spoiled”. That reigns true to this day but with the new Harris Tweed collection you will at least spoil the walk looking dapper in deep blue. King James II may not have like the game but he would surely have approved of the garbs.

 Other significant golfing dates include;

-  1744; The company of Gentleman Golfers (later named the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers).

-  1754; The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews formed.

-  1764; St Andrew Links’ Old Course changed from 22 holes to 18 thus creating an international standard.

-  1829; The Royal Calcutta Golf Club founded in India making it the first outside the UK.

-  1901; US PGA (Professional Golfers Association) founded.

-  1927; First ever Ryder Cup at The Worcester Club in Massachusetts.


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