Topman Harris Tweed 2013 - words by Chantelle Symester

Harris Tweed fabric has long been a cloth associated with quintessential Britishness and high quality sartorial handiwork. A mark of luxury and heritage, Harris Tweed is a designer fabric often used in high-end fashion. Originally made in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, not only is Harris Tweed a smart classic, it's also built to last - plus it'll keep you nicely snug yet stylish over the winter months.

Worn by everyone from Royalty to Hollywood stars to modern-day country bumpkins - it's a classic fashion staple that manages to reinvent itself time and time again. So it's no wonder Topman have produced a range of limited edition blazers using designer fabrics, including Harris Tweed. This allows you to make like Lord Disick and dress like you're gentrified too.




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