The luxury is in the process

The football World Cup begins in a few weeks time. The beautiful game has had many great teams but which one would best represent Harris Tweed? I would like to think it would be the ‘total football’ playing Dutch of the 1974 & 1978 competitions because of the complexity of skill and talent throughout the team.

Skill and talent was a constant theme when I visited several clients, attended the May Design Series (photo below) in London and The Design in Action Summit in Dundee last week. For Harris Tweed design is key, as this fashion fabric is a highly sought-after material used by designers worldwide to create sophisticated and timeless pieces.

Harris Tweed Hebrides' Brand Development Director Margaret Ann Macleod with Janus Cooper of Tetrad

 In order that we get close to the perfect product we aspire to, skilled design must be integrated with the many complex elements of the process. Unsung heroes at the mill applying their talent even before the yarns are sent out for the unique soulful weaving. The finishing of the fabric ensures that it leaves the mill in perfect form.

 The final destination of Harris Tweed fabric before it arrives in the retail arena is on the cutting table of the designer. We are lucky that designers continue to be inspired by the skills embodied in the complexity of the fabric. Whether traditional like Margaret Howell or modern adaptations of classics like Schott (post-script) the end product continue to be revered around the world.

Common themes of last week’s meetings were the attention to detail and scrutiny that people now put onto products. Social media has heightened this scrutiny. Just as people want to know where their food comes from and how it is made, the same focus is now on textiles, a move that benefits Harris Tweed.

 With The Clo Mor the luxury is in the process so our best possible marketing tool is our intricate design-lead product that has artisan skill applied at every stage.

 When watching the beautiful game next month spare a thought for our skilled team on the beautiful Hebridean Islands who will be working flat out to create our humble but beautiful Harris Tweed.

man wearing brown harris tweed jacket



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