In The Hebrides Every Day is National Tweed Day

Thursday 3rd April 2014 was national tweed day. Miss Piggy was spotted in a bespoke Vivienne Westwood/Harris Tweed dogtooth two-piece (picture below) ahead of the new Muppets movie. Tweed – with Harris Tweed at the helm – is now a byword for style and long may that continue.It is a long way from recent times when tweedy was often used in common parlance for all things old-fashioned and ‘uncool’.

Spending a few days in The Hebridean Islands you soon realise that everyday is ‘tweed day’. Spring is a great time to visit the Islands. The flora and fauna awake from their winter slumber, the moorland manifests a healthier glow and the waves come crashing in pushing the golden sand further up the beaches.

Springtime also heralds the busiest season for the Harris Tweed industry. Orders are in, designs are cut, yarns are issued and weavers are weaving. Nature’s cycle is mirrored in Harris Tweed and the long bright summer months are a deserving reward for the harsh winter struggle.

And all this a mere five years after tweed was, well tweedy. We are pleased that Harris Tweed fashion fabric is loved the world over and proud of our influence on ‘National Tweed day’ ,Vivienne Westwood and Miss Piggy but we ask you – our ambassadors - to continue to shine a light on the beauty of the Harris Tweed process and the exquisite nature of our Islands. Oh and if you are thinking about an Easter break then there some islands off the north west of Scotland worth a visit; good shopping too.

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