The Summer tweed-needs to stay on style

'Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months' Oscar Wilde mused. Harris Tweed is more fortunate in that we tend to be seen in more of a style context rather than fashion and you can’t have heritage going out of style can you?

Fashion Season

Fashion fabric seasons tend to be busier in early autumn and late winter but the industry is becoming more of an all year round affair. The Grand Dame of Pitti Uomo in Florence together with the young pretenders of Bread & Butter Berlin and London Collection Men are now important gauges of trends in textiles.

Harris Tweed Hebrides may not have much on show at these 'summer fairs' but designers and buyers are already thinking about the colours and textures of the fabrics they will seek out for the following  winter season; feedback from Florence is positive with a continued interest in fabrics with 'a good story'.

The Importance of Colour

Colour is key for any fashion collection but it is also important for the livery at events and it is little surprise that blue is the base colour for both The Commonwealth Games and The Ryder Cup. We ‘do blue’ rather well so if you are looking for a gift when visiting Scotland this summer then our limited edition accessories may be just what you are looking for.

Contrasting from the safety of our blues, pastel and citrus patterns could add a splash of colour to a summer outfit. Bold burnt orange in a tie or knee length skirt could be a classy way to make a subtle style statement. The colour looks rather good even before it is on the loom;

This Summer will bring Festivals, Tattoos, Highland Games, Commonwealth Games and a bit of golf. All great occasions to sport a little Harris Tweed and all occasions that require a little hanging around so a Harris Tweed hip flask  may be a sensible option; Oscar Wilde would undoubtedly have approved.


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