The iconic Fortezza de Bazzo in Florence hosted the A/W19 edition of the premier menswear trade fair, Pitti Uomo, with the usual pomp and ceremony surrounding the serious business of selling fine garments.

Harris Tweed Hebrides was well represented both on the sales stands and by the international audience of buyers, bloggers, journalists, and poseurs. Pitti Uomo has a heritage of classic tailoring and that remains its backbone. However, the infusion of streetwear has made the event an even more colourful style forum.

Pitti Uomo and Harris Tweed Fabric

Quality cloths in a variety of colours, cuts, and patterns remain key to the identity of Pitti ensuring that Harris Tweed and other luxury fabrics continue to carry allure. It is in the design of the well-crafted garments where change is afoot. Deconstructed jackets with no lining and soft Neapolitan shoulders are becoming more visible and the combination of slick tailoring and oversized outerwear make it fashionable to wear a parka over a fitted suit. 

Designer Fabrics and Casual Fashion Styles

The continued advance of more casual styles was celebrated at the Museum Marino Marini where Pitti Uomo hosted a curated 30-year showcase of Italian ‘urban culture platform’, Slam Jam. The company has a portfolio of 20 brands and exports to over 300 stores worldwide.  The showcase reflects the new menswear dynamic where classic and contemporary stand side by side; rules and the unruly.

Hardy Amies famously said that a gentleman should put his clothes on with care and then forget all about them. Perhaps only the first part of that mantra is adhered to by some - The Pitti Peacocks - who attend the show! For most, however, Pitti remains a place of serious business where people come to buy and sell quality garments made from well-woven fabrics. Harris Tweed Hebrides are proud to play our part in the show.


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