Our Harris Tweed®: The Preeminent Natural British Cloth

In a world dominated by globalised supply chains, Harris Tweed Hebrides stands as a beacon of local and low impact production. Our fabrics are created from Pure New Wool from sheep farmed on the hillsides of the British Isles; spun and dyed in our 100-year-old mill on Shawbost in the Outer Hebrides; and handwoven in the nearby homes of indigenous Hebridean islanders. This uniquely localised supply chain places Harris Tweed Hebrides in an elite group of brands worldwide exclusively producing single country of origin fabrics. In this post, we'll unravel the unique journey of Harris Tweed Hebrides' production process, and the rich heritage that comes with being exclusively crafted in the British Isles.


1. 100% Pure British Wool

Our beloved Scottish Cheviot sheep are at the very heart of our brand, and we source all of our wool from British Wool so we can be confident of its provenance. British Wool guarantees no mulesing and adherence to the Animal Welfare Act 2006.


2. Fibre-dyeing: A Symphony of Colour and Sustainability

The wool is brought to our mill at Shawbost on the Outer Hebrides for fibre-dyeing. Fibre-dyeing at the raw wool stage ensures the unrivalled depth of colour for which Harris Tweed Hebrides is known. This stage not only ensures vibrant and long-lasting colour but also minimises dye waste, and all the dyes used are certified REACH compliant.


3. Blending: Crafting Sumptuous Colours and Textures

After dyeing, comes the blending stage, and that is where the magic truly begins. Our expert in-house team skillfully combines the dyed fibres in various combinations, laying the foundation for the rich and nuanced colour palette that defines Harris Tweed Hebrides' fabrics.


4. Carding: Weaving Quality into Every Fibre

The carding stage is crucial in determining the quality of the yarn and, consequently, the final cloth. Our highly skilled team disentangles and aligns the fibres, ensuring the creation of the finest tweed fabric at the end of the intricate process.


5. Spinning: Transforming Wool into Lustrous Yarn

It is at this stage that the 100% British Pure New Wool finally becomes yarn. Lustrous fibres are drawn out, twisted, and spun onto bobbins, marking a pivotal moment in the transformation of raw materials into the iconic Harris Tweed fabric.


6. Warping: Laying the Foundation for Woven Excellence

Warping is the foundation of the woven fabric, and our adept team arranges the threads in parallel, running them vertically on the loom. The yarn is now complete, ready to leave our 100-year-old tweed mill for weaving.


7. Weaving: Handwoven Artistry

But it doesn't go far. We deliver our yarn to 174 home weavers based throughout the Isle of Lewis and Harris. Every yard of Harris Tweed Hebrides cloth is meticulously handwoven in the croft homes of Harris Tweed weavers, on foot-powered treadle looms, using historic artisanal craft skills that have remained unchanged for over 100 years.


8. Finishing: Impeccable Attention to Detail

Returning to our Shawbost Mill for finishing, the handwoven tweed undergoes a meticulous inspection by Harris Tweed Hebrides' renowned team of cloth finishers. Every yard is carefully checked by eye to ensure it meets the exacting standards demanded by modern luxury design houses.


9. Authenticating: A Seal of Genuine Craftsmanship

The final stage in the production process involves independent certification. Before it leaves Shawbost Mill for the final time, Harris Tweed Hebrides' fabric is inspected and stamped with the Harris Tweed Authority’s Orb, providing a guarantee of authenticity. This seal ensures that the fabric is a genuine Harris Tweed, handwoven in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, finished in the Outer Hebrides, and made from pure virgin wool, dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides, in accordance with the Harris Tweed Act, 1993.

We’re proud of the impeccable provenance of our Harris Tweed; one of the world’s only cloths with a 100% British supply chain from field to fabric. Each of the eight stages in the production process contributes to the creation of a cloth that encapsulates the rich heritage of the British Isles, making Harris Tweed Hebrides a true masterpiece.


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