Sofa so good for Harris Tweed and Tetrad

It's a Strange Time We Live In

Digital technologies are stamping their mark on 21st century living yet at the same time we are looking to bygone eras in our pursuit of style and heritage products.

Furniture specialists Tetrad have capitalised on this zeitgeist, producing an exquisite range of products using Harris Tweed upholstery fabric that have captured the imagination of Downton Abbey watching New Yorkers or London loving Russians set on adding a bit of British heritage and design to their not so humble homes

Central to Tetrad's ethos is that furniture should be a design feature in the home rather than something arbitrary and functional. Tetrad's Bob Cooper states; "The union of the iconic Harris Tweed Hebrides and the 50-year old classic upholstery company Tetrad has proved to be a world wide success . Thanks to 'Made in Great Britain' being in great demand coupled with the chance to invest in heirlooms of the future"

The Details

The collection is unashamedly classic but it is the succinct modern touches like the Brompton Tan hide piping and carefully chosen Harris Tweed patterns that catch the eye. The hand crafted element (every piece is glued, screwed and dowelled) with the made in UK stamp have been big sales drivers too.

Harris Tweed Hebrides' Chief Executive, Ian Angus Mackenzie, added; "The collaboration between HTH and Tetrad is working really well. The combination of our hand woven cloth and their hand crafted furniture is producing a superb product which is selling very well at the high end of the market.

I visited their factory recently and was very impressed by the process and the people. Their range of Harris Tweed products is unique and classy. They are also looking at extending this into other uses and we look forward to an excellent year of business with them."

Fashion Vs. Class

Fashions may come and go in a season or two but class is permanent. Investing in this exquisite furniture will ensure comfort and style remain a permanent resident in your home.
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