Bhaltos Bag

From Picturesque Village to International Fashion Statement: The Bhaltos Bag

The Bhaltos bag takes it name from one of the most picturesque and quaint villages in The Hebridean Isles but it has rather an international dimension.

harris tweed bag

The bag is loosely based on the Boston style bag that came to prominence through The Ivy League in the fifties. Brazilian designer Juliana Lawson became interested in using Harris Tweed during her time at St Martins College in London:

“Harris Tweed inspired me in many ways:

First of all, working with the tweed is an amazing experience for an accessories designer like me, you can play with an enormous variety of colours and the fabric moves and cuts really well. Secondly, Harris Tweed has a strong regional identity, unique fabrication process and a romantic location; the Outer Hebrides that has given me more inspirations to my designs.”

Juliana’s collection was conceived at a time when Harris Tweed was synonymous with jackets. The collection which also includes The Torastay and The Vatisker was an essential development in Harris Tweed repositioning itself as a fashion fabric suitable for accessories and luggage.

The Bhaltos is finished with durable vegetan leather and features detachable inside pocket and side panels that can be opened transforming it into an overnight bag.  Bhaltos bags have been sold in five continents over the past four years. We made it as a limited edition and stock numbers are now in single figures so get in before it is too late.


tweed fabric Bhaltos travel bag

Your writer has had his for three years and unlike him it is getting better with age. As a manly man-bag, ladies gym bag or stylish travel companion the Bhaltos is versatile, functional and stylish; what more would you expect of a Brazilian creation and Harris Tweed fabric.


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