Converse x Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed x Converse 

The most popular fashion brand on Facebook is not Nike or H&M, not Adidas or Zara, it is Converse. With an astonishing 35,810,154 likes, Converse is king of social media. 
khaki brown/green tweed designed converse

A Collaboration for the History Books

Converse is a near mono-brand. Converse would not be Converse without the Chuck Taylor All-Star. The iconic sneaker dates back to 1921 when the eponymous basketball player wanted a shoe with support and flexibility. The design we see today hasn't been altered since the adding of the rubber shell-toe in the early 50's. The All-Star is up there with other classic designs like Concorde, The Jaguar E-type and the Adidas World Cup boot of 1978; they simply can't be bettered and they transcend the context of time and space to create an emotional connection to us consumers. 

A Match Made in Shoe Heaven?

Less about The Cons and more about Harris Tweed. 2012 saw a collaboration of Converse Japan to create a limited edition of Harris Tweed Chuck Taylors (The collection sold out rather fast (check oki-ni/freshness for possibility of stock) with the smart combination of a traditional pattern of Harris Tweed incorporated in the classic design. This ingenious pairing seamlessly blended a traditional designer fabric like Harris Tweed with the classic Converse silhouette. The All-Star has the ability to be a mass market commodity yet highlight free spirit and creative instinct. It is a juxtaposition that we truly appreciate at Harris Tweed fabric. The collection, a testament to the versatility of fashion fabrics, sold out remarkably fast, leaving many fans wanting more. We must hope that there will be another collaboration at some point; why should it only be the Japanese who get the chance to wear such amazing footwear.

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