‘Its about bespoke, hand made, heritage, 100%, tradition, ltd edition, Made in UK….It’s not about seasonality or trends.’  A quick glance at the About section on the Jaggy Nettle website gives easy reasoning as to why Harris Tweed Hebrides is a respectful fan and ally.

Husband and wife team Jason Lee and Emily Quinn set up the company as a repost to fast fashion and the lack of ethics therein. When closures and redundancies across the textile heartland of The Scottish Borders have been de riguer, Jaggy Nettle has been a beacon of stylish hope. Now stocked in Morini, Colette and alongside APC in Downtown New York their commitment to hand-crafted textiles with unique prints is striking a chord with the style cognoscenti.

In our store you can buy a pair of the full Harris Tweed upper Hi-Tops with a calf-skin interior. Like the fabric itself they are limited edition and tell a beautiful story. Their new collection – featuring Harris Tweed - can also be views on their website.

Where others have talked about the need to bring back apparel manufacturing to the UK, this company has done it. Jaggy Nettle is subversive yet true to tradition and provenance. That Jason and Emily have done all this while raising a family deserves even more respect. As the About section says, ’ it’s about perspective…it’s about keeping your head up.’ 


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