We operate a vertical mill, scoured wool is fibre dyed, carded and spun, warped for weaving, then the handwoven tweed is finished at our mill in Shawbost. Each stage of this process ensures the high-quality Harris Tweed is renowned for.

Registration of the Harris Tweed Orb trademark was the first step in a decades long campaign to protect the production of our fabric to the Outer Hebrides. The Harris Tweed Act of Parliament passed at Westminster in 1993 enshrined in law the trademark first issued almost 90 years earlier, legally defining the production process and protecting the reputation of our brand. Every metre of Harris Tweed is certified with the Orb stamp – the oldest British trademark in continuous use and the guarantee of authenticity. 

In an age when sustainability is gaining the recognition it demands, the unchanging characteristics of Harris Tweed are more valuable than ever.

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